The Team

Robotics @ Maryland is the University of Maryland's student-run robotics team. We design and build an autonomous underwater vehicle to compete against teams from other schools and organizations in AUVSI and ONR's Robosub Competition.  While in the past we have built multiple robots for other competitions, we are currently focusing on Robosub.


Robotics @ Maryland is composed of different subteams that each handle different systems of the robot.

  • Mechanical builds the frame of the robot and gives it the physical parts that it needs to accomplish its objectives, like thrusters, Toypedo launchers, and marker droppers.  Also responsible for keeping the electronics dry and cool.
  • Electronics connects all the parts and makes the boards that let the onboard computer talk to and control the physical components on the robot. They create the systems that turn the computer's command of "Go forward" into the activation of the correct thrusters.
  • Software writes the code that collects information from the robot's sensors, and creates the control flow for the robot. 
  • Controls does the math with the sensor data to determine where to go and what to do to best accomplish the current objectives. 
  •  Our last subdivision, Business, doesn't really handle anything on the robot itself but does all the jobs that make it possible for us to keep building robots year after year.

If any of these sounded like something you're interested in working on, you should consider joining the team and helping out! Any UMD student is welcome to join Robotics @ Maryland, regardless of major.