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What the Robotics At Maryland's subteams use in their work.

Mechanical Training Checklist

This checklist is for you to complete and to keep track of skills you have acquired.

New Members Mechanical

GrabCAD Workbench

GrabCAD is the product lifecycle management (PLM) software we use. We upload, store, and share CAD files here. The workbench works with all types of CAD files, allowing you the flexibility to work on the CAD program you are most familiar with.

Mechanical Design

Intro to Machining

This is a quick intro to machining and how to design for fabrication.

Mechanical Design

Apple Rubber O-Ring Guide

Apple rubber O-ring seal design guide is a good start in learning about several types of O-ring seals and general procedures O-ring groove design.

Mechanical Design O-ring

Parker Handbook

Parker handbook has been the go-to reference material for industrial O-ring design. It covers O-ring seal theory, how they fail, and material selection. Don’t simply take groove dimensions from their table, instead, calculate and verify them yourselves.

Mechanical Design O-ring

Simple Pressure Hull Tutorial

Steps to create a simple, watertight, pressure hull with two endcaps.

Mechanical Design O-ring

Simple Pressure Hull Drawing

Sample design paper for pressure hull, endcap, and O-ring groove design.

Mechanical Design O-ring

Fastener Basics

Basics of fastener types and features. The standard bolt we use is 10-32 socket head screw for exterior, and 4-40 socket head screw for interior of pressure hulls.

Mechanical Design Fastener

NASA Fastener Design Guide

This comprehensive guide from NASA details how to property design fastener components, install them, corrosions, failures, installation torques, and fatigue calculations.

Mechanical Design Fastener

NASA Engineering Drawing Guide

NASA design guide is a comprehensive description for various engineering drawing features.

Mechanical Design Drawing

Qubo I Critical Design Review

This is the folder containing R@M 2016 Robot critical design review slides and notes. Mechanical design was a bit outdated, but focus on understanding the structure and proceeding of a design review.

Mechanical Design Design Review

McMaster Carr

McMaster Carr offers a great selection of industrial components and raw materials. We commonly source acrylic tube, O-rings, fasteners, adhesives, aluminum rods, machining tools, and valves from them. Their main attraction is a large inventory and one-day shipping.

Mechanical Vendor

Blue Robotics

Blue robotics is our main source for thrusters, penetrators, and depth sensor. They offer affordable and reliable marine thrusters, T100 and T200 series. Their watertight, single-use penetrator populates both of our electronic endcaps.

Mechanical Vendor


Sometimes we purchase acrylic tubes from eplastic because they have better selection. They also offer more types of plastics there.

Mechanical Vendor


Teledyne designs the impulse series, splash-proof, underwater electrical connectors. These “sub-conns” allow us to tether the robot underwater and supply shore power to it. If needed, email them for quotes.

Mechanical Vendor

Amazon / Small Parts

We use amazon to purchase 3D printer filaments to be used in SSL printers. Sometimes, tools like dial caliper, or COT parts like buoys are bought here.

Mechanical Vendor

Peifer Waterjetting

Peifer offers affordable water jetting services. The side panels of current robot were machined at Peifer.

Mechanical Services

Makerbot Innovation Center

We use the innovation center for most 3D print prototyping job. They charge $0.10 per gram and has more enough printer to ensure a quick turnout time. This means we can quickly print a placeholder and use it on robot before the actual part is fabricated.

Mechanical Services

ME Machine Shop

ME machine shop, located at the basement of Glenn L Martin building, is the primary placed where we machine components for our robot. It’s a complete machine shop with manual lathe, manual mill, laser cutter, saws, and all tools we need. The shop opens M-F from 8AM – 6PM.

Mechanical Services

SSL Machine Shop

Located on the first floor of NBRF, SSL machine shop is a convenient place to machine raw materials. Anyone wish to use the shop must go through an orientation with SSL and ask for permission every time.

Mechanical Services

R@M on Github

Our software is located on Github.


R@M Wiki Page

Our wiki page with resources on how to get started with catkin, ROS, and Git.

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