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RoboSub 2017

Aug 28, 2017

(Picture of team working on Qubo)

After spending a few years in design, Robotics @ Maryland’s new robot, Qubo, made it to competition! With the robot and all our gear packed up, the team flew out to San Diego, California, to compete in the 20th annual RoboSub competition.

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New Cameras for Our Builds

Oct 11, 2016

R@M has exciting news! We will be adding HD video to our build process for our members to watch.

We chose to source a couple of these security cameras as small lightweight cameras have many uses beyond surveillance. With the camera we have selected, we will be able to document our design and building process via high quality live RTSP video streams captured to our computer and blog posts. Sponsors, members, and robotics fans the world over will be able to follow our progress in creating our latest robot. We will link the streams and photos on our website. We will use a dome shaped ip camera found on this page to optimize QUBO for low-light operation. Murky water and bad lighting in the competition pool have always proved a challenge for our team, but with the camera’s assistance we will overcome these hurdles.

If you are a high school student, you may also want to check out these these tips for high school students interested in robotics.

-The R@M Team

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