RoboSub 2017

(Picture of team working on Qubo)

After spending a few years in design, Robotics @ Maryland’s new robot, Qubo, made it to competition! With the robot and all our gear packed up, the team flew out to San Diego, California, to compete in the 20th annual RoboSub competition.

Teams stayed at the Holiday Inn Bayside, where they were able to work on their robotics outside of the competition, and were even allowed to test robots in the pool after it closed for the night. The competition was held at the Transdec testing facility, an underwater acoustic testing pool run by the US Navy. There, Robotics @ Maryland and other teams transported their robots to the Transdec pool to test during the day, and then brought them back to the hotel to work through the night.

Soon after we arrived and unpacked the robot, we realized we had a fault in our electrical system. But, using local hardware stores and thanks to the generosity of our fellow teams, we were able get Qubo back together and up and running for our competition runs. After working all week on our electrical, software, and mechanical systems, Qubo was able to qualify and compete in the semi-final round of the competition. Congratulations to team members Sean Gillen, Ben Hurwitz, Peter Peng, John Rogers, Ross Baehr, and Jeremy Weed, to the rest of the team, and, of course, to Qubo too!