Robosub Day One + Two

Yesterday was the first official day of Robosub, and our robot arrived!

Later that day was the competition briefing, where we were given safety instructions and, most importantly, got to pester Dave (the creator of the course) with questions.

Today was the first day of testing at the TRANSDEC facility. We arrived bright and early to qualify and get some data for our vision algorithms.

We did some balancing in the small test pool, adding some buoyant foam that we removed for shipping.

We were able to have three test runs in the main pool. After a couple of tethered test runs...

we were able to pass through the gate on our first autonomous run!

The rest of the day we tested the functions for the torpedoes task, namely the torpedo launchers and the vision for finding the targets. Tonight we'll be testing in the hotel pool, and tomorrow we'll see if we can complete some tasks.