LED buoy

Hey everyone. We've gotten our LED buoy's working, check it out. We've gotten some valuable vision and testing done with them

As an update for everyone that is working on getting Dave's buoy design up and running and is having the blinking issue with the red led. The reason for this is that the red LED has less of a forward voltage drop then the other 3 LEDs in the CREE RGBW LED. This is causing the LED drivers to overheat if the voltage drop across the driver is too much. (e.g. Vbatt - ( 2 * VredLED) = Vdrop; Vdrop * CurrentLED = watts heat driver must dissipate.) The LED drivers do not have a sufficient enough surface area on the PCB to dissipate that heat if the Vdrop is too high. We set our batteries to be about 1 volt above the two VgreenLED voltages and used 3 1n4004 diodes in series with the red LEDs to bring the red LED voltage chain to closer to same total voltage drop as the other LED chains. This seems to have fixed the overheating problem and is a bit of a hack but it seems to work great.